Dr. Russell Green

   Pastor Russ and Liz Green have been serving Pelican Bay EFC since 1999. Russ and Liz are passionate about a few key things that bring life: Scripture, prayer, people, worship, and service, all operating together.

   You will find that Pastor’s messages come from thorough study and thoughtful application of what the Bible says. He has been trained in Biblical teaching, preaching, and church leadership at two great seminaries, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Master of Divinity) and Talbot School of Theology (Doctor of Ministry).  He is an avid student of culture, having studied Political Science and Economics at UC San Diego before being called to the pastoral ministry. 

   Russ and Liz have been church planters in Mountain View, California and pastored another EFC in Tacoma, Washington for ten years prior to being called to Pelican Bay EFC. They have taught Ministry college students in Ghana out of their passion for Missions to impact generations of leaders for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

   By the way,  don’t get Russ started talking on coffee - he’s been a coffee nut ever since tasting espresso in Italy at the tender age of 17. He even roasts his own beans and sells them for missions support and other fundraising.